Beautiful and Proud Mom & Dad-To-Be, Cath Ng + Eddie Ooi

We were happy and honored when our previous client, Cath and Eddie, came to us for another photography session with us. After capturing their wedding ceremony in 2011, we are now happy to once again share in their joy in capturing their maternity portrait.

by Ray Eoh Continue Reading >Beautiful and Proud Mom & Dad-To-Be, Cath Ng + Eddie Ooi

When Cath and Eddie got married in year 2011, we were honored to be invited to photograph and capture their memorable moments, shared in their joy and celebration of love. So, when we received a call from Cath and being requested to be their photographer once again, it was a double happiness for us. We are happy for Cath and Eddie, who will soon be parents and proud that we have managed to create a name for RayEoh Photography to get a return client.

It was a wonderful experience for me and my wife, Cassandra as due dates for Cath and Cassandra was almost the same. We have exchanged a lot of pregnancy dos and don’ts with our new found friend. This is one of those times where we cherish often when our clients turn into friends.

Good Luck! We wish Cath + Eddie to have a safe and smooth delivery.

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